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Course Descriptions:

Aromatherapy On Point Course Series

Taught by Sara Vanin

3 CEs per part, $75 per class.  By Zoom.

This course is an introduction to the application of aromatherapy in the context of Chinese Medicine, the sensory impact the Essential Oils spark when we come in contact with them, their resonance with our Qi, and synergistic effect for the benefit of the body, mind, and spirit.

With a simple, practical, relevant, and to-the-point approach, this class has the TCM and Aromatherapy Beginner’s Mind at heart while also serving the students with prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine and essential oils.

The lessons aim to provide the students with a working model to incorporate into their self-care routine and client support.

“Essence resonates with essence…Aroma resonates with and affects the spirit of a person” – Evelyn Robert, L.Ac – From: Chinese Medicine Essential Oils E. Robert, L.Ac.

“Once I asked Baba, “Since these plants don’t grow in India, how do you know their medicinal properties? He looked at me, smiled and said, “Herbs and plants constantly are telling us of their healing properties if we are still enough to listen.” 

– From Oasis Of Stillness, by Baba Harihar Ram

After taking Aromatherapy on Point Fundamentals, you may take the other modules in any order.
Aromatherapy On Point Fundamentals

This mandatory prep class introduces the concept of Xiang Qi (aromatic Qi), the energy aspect of essential oils, and covers key concepts of Aromatherapy: scope of practice, distillation methods, products of distillation and their use, therapeutic spectrum and therapeutic window, dilution, safety and the chemotype.

Basic key concepts of Chinese Medicine will be introduced, including an an introduction to two of the Eight Principles (Yin/Yang)

Students will also learn, through practice, how to develop a personal, intuitive understanding through recognition, of the effect of the oil on their own body, mind and spirit.

Check for live dates below.  If there aren’t any coming up soon, you can take the fundamentals module online here and then join the series in progress.  The online version of the class earns CEs as usual.

Aromatherapy On Point 1: Calm The Shen Down
This class focuses on oils that calm anxiety and clear excess thinking and emotional worry.

In this lesson we will explore:

  • Stress and its effect on the body and mind
  • an introduction to two of the Eight Principles (excess/deficiency)
  • key TCM concepts of Qi, Shen and Qi as they relate to stress
  • best oils to promote relaxation and their related profiles
  • key acupressure points location, action and virtues
  • oils and points synergy to promote relaxation, and their methods of application
Aromatherapy On Point 2: Nurturing the Soul
Having calmed excessive thinking and emotional distress in Part One, this next class focuses on rebuilding and restoring the client, supporting healthy sleep and restoration.

In this lesson we will explore:

  • Physical and mental fatigue and exhaustion and their effects on the body-mind
  • An introduction to Excess/Deficiency (from the Eight Principles in TCM)
  • Key TCM concepts of Qi, Blood and Shen and their disharmonies
  • Best energizing oils and their related profiles
  • Acupressure points location, action and virtues 
  • Essential Oils and points synergy to nurture the tired body-mind and methods of application
Aromatherapy On Point 3 – Drain the Damp

Great for those who work with lymphatic clients.

In this lesson we will explore:

  • The Lymphatic System
  • Common problems of the lymphatic system
  • The best oils for improving lymphatic and venous circulation and their profiles
  • Key TCM concepts related to problems of the lymphatic system
  • Acupressure points location, action, and virtues to stimulate lymphatic and venous circulation
  • Essential oils and points synergy to address common problems of the lymphatic system and methods of application
Aromatherapy On Point 4 – Winter is Here! 

This class will focus on muscle pain and stiffness, caused by the contracting nature of Cold type Qi, and the “winter blues”.

In this lesson we will explore:

  • Muscle pain and stiffness, and the ‘winter blues’
  • An introduction to the Eight Principles (Yin/Yang, Excess/Deficiency, Exterior/Interior, Hot/Cold)
  • Key TCM concepts of Qi, Blood and Shen and relative disharmonies
  • Best analgesic oils for pain relief and their related profiles
  • Acupressure points location, action and virtues to relieve pain
  • Essential oils and points synergy to move to warm the body and relieve pain
AromaPoint 5 – Keep Cool

In this lesson we will focus on how to keep our Shen, our peace and center during these unpredictable and challenging times. Best supportive essential oils as well as points will be presented.

All classes meets by Zoom

About the Instructor

Coming from a family of plant growers, Sara was always fascinated by the healing powers of plants. Being a shiatsu therapist, she found that she could treat points and channels in synergy with essential oils. 

Sensitive to the toll that mental and emotional stress have on the body, her work specializes in the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen Shiatsu meridian science to the treatment of chronic pain and emotional stress.

She started her studies on the application of Essential Oils on acupuncture points with Peter Holmes, L.Ac., MH (author of “Aromatica” vol 1 & 2) and Tiffany Carole, L.Ac. After becoming a Certified Aromatherapist with the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy of Kurt Schnaubelt, she found strong resonance with the Chinese Medical Aromatherapy approach of Jeffrey Yuen whose practical, profound perspective would fit perfectly with shiatsu concepts of vibrational medicine and resonance.

Having taught Chinese Medicine to bodyworkers and massage therapists, having studied Aromatherapy with world renowned teachers, and having a special affinity with working on points, Sara brings together her knowledge and experience and shares it in a way that is practical, relevant and applicable to one’s bodywork method, style and perspective.

Note: For Zoom classes, students must keep their cameras on.

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