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Aromatherapy On Point Certification

Aromatherapy On Point Certification

Taught by Sara Vanin

42 CEs by Zoom, with additional individualized support via email and periodic study groups by Zoom.
Graduates are Certified Aromatherapy On Point Practitioners

Module 2 and 3 tuition: $1250
Hold your place with a $300 deposit. 

The remainder can be paid in one sum or via a 6-month payment plan (6 payments of $158.33)

Students who take at least the Aromatherapy On Point Intro are eligible to continue on to the full Aromatherapy On Point Certification. To complete the full certification, you will take the Aromatherapy On Point Intro, Module One, Two, and Three, along with one elective from the “Aromatherapy for Massage Therapist Workshops” and additional final casework and supervision with the instructor. The program includes individualized support.

This Module Two and Module Three will be offered every-other-year, so if you’re interested, dive in this year!  Even if you haven’t done all of the original Module One Parts 1-5, you can take these classes this year and pick up any missing 3-hour classes later.

Aromatherapy on Point Module Two - Emotional Healing: The 5 Elements, the 7 Emotions, The 12 Organs, and their Aroma Correspondences

Fridays 9am-12pm July 7, 21, August 4, 18, Sep 1, 15

This course goes to the point, addressing the movement and transformation of Qi in the body, though which we can access all levels of vibrational frequency, from physical, to mental/emotional/spiritual. By understanding Essential Oils tropism and Aromatic Qi and Dynamics, we can help with overwhelming mental & emotional states such as anxiety, fright, excessive thinking, grief, anger, frustration and others.

Aromatherapy On Point Module Three - Muscular Healing: Sinew Channels

Fridays 9am-12pm, Sep 29, Oct 13 & 27, Nov 3 & 17, Dec 1 & 15

In this course, we will explore the Sinew Channels and how to treat them with Essential Oils; they are very important to practitioners of Tui Na, Shiatsu and Massage Therapists. The Western analogue are the myofascial trains of Tom Myers. In terms of Western bodywork, the Sinew Channels are aspects of the tensegrity structure of the body and are engaged with physical movement, structure and injury. Sinew channels address trigger point phenomena. They further illuminate the ways our muscles are chronically embodying overt or suppressed moods and feelings. This module teaches essential oils and acupoint applications that help with trigger points, posture/structural and movement issues.

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