Cupping Part Two - Silicone Moving Cups Course

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Silicone Moving Cups


Cupping Part Two - Silicone Moving Cups

Taught by Ninetta Keenan

6 CE hours, $150.  Silicone Cup Set – $45.95 + tax

Silicone Moving Cups are a versatile and natural extension of the therapist’s hands. This modality is effortless and immediately effective in repairing and remodeling the fascia by removing congestion causing pain and limited range of motion

Silicone cups are more versatile in adressing contoured areas than rigid cups. This class will review silicone moving cup methods and protocols for soft tissue dysfunction of the neck, shoulder, hip and scars.

Cupping Part Two - Silicone Moving Cups: Requirements and How To Register

How To Register:

  • Registration for Zoom classes must be received 48 hours prior to the start of class. Registration will close after this time.
  • Registration for in-person classes that start on Saturday, Sunday or Monday must be received by 4pm Friday. Registration will close after that time.
  • If you are not ready to pay, you can still add your name to the interest list. Your space will not be permanently held until payment is made.
  • To pay by phone, call 847-864-1130
  • To pay online, check the box next to the associated start date below and  select the “NEXT STEPS ” button. By prepaying you agree to our registration policies.

Cupping Part Two requires that students either bring or purchase a set of silicone cups.  The cost is $45.95 through Zen Shiatsu, and may be prepaid in advance and picked up on the day of class.  A set should include 4 cups of different sizes, in diameters of 1.2″, 1.7″, 2.0″, 2.5″.

Purchase a silicone cupping set ($45.95)

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