Qi Cultivation with Eli Halpern

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Qi Cultivation Course

Qi Cultivation Course Details

Taught by Eli Halpern

12 CE Hours $350
July 20 and 27, Saturdays 10am-5pm, $350

Put on your rainbow-colored safari helmet and join us as we explore the world of movement, stillness, and everything in between. Learn how to flex your imagination, expand your presence, and get in shape along the way.

This class will introduce the basic animal forms of daoyin, an ancient Daoist movement practice. You’ll hop and crawl through the five phases of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These expressive exercises are designed to tonify and release different parts of the body. When you move with whole-body integration, your bodywork becomes balanced, spontaneous, and effortless.

In this class, expect to:

  • Meet new friends like the rabbit, the bear, the phoenix, and the sleepy immortal
  • Jump into the natural flow of yin and yang and the five elements (wuxing)
  • Have a direct experience of jing, qi, and shen
  • Workshop standing meditation posture and practice
  • Learn how imagination can make your touch go deeper (and bigger)
  • Connect your bodywork back to the larger picture of being alive

Absences are ok, but the full class fee of $350 is due. 

How To Register:

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  • If you are not ready to pay, you can still add your name to the interest list. Your space will not be permanently held until payment is made.
  • To pay by phone, call 847-864-1130
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