Experience Relief From Pain Through Tapping Technique

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EFT: Pain Relief Through Tapping

EFT - Pain Relief Through Tapping Technique

Taught by Jeanne Steen 

3 CE hours, $75
DOES count for Illinois license renewal CEs.
Does NOT count for NCBTMB CEs. NCBTMB does not accept EFT as accepted class category for CEs.

Pain is an emotional experience. Often we feel frustrated and angry — at our body, our doctors, ourselves. Sometimes we feel scared, confused and worried.
We know our body has the best chance of healing when we are calm, but sometimes we can’t seem to get ourselves there.
Tapping can help. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT, known as tapping) can reduce the emotional overwhelm of illness or injury, and help release inner tension that contributes to pain.

It is simple, safe, portable, versatile and very effective.

EFT tapping, is a fast acting stress release technique that leverages acupressure
and psychology for powerful results. Numerous clinical research trials attest to its efficacy.

Students will leave class armed with tapping practices to support them on their path to wellness.

This class is taught via Zoom.

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