Ethics Course for Bodyworkers: Safety, Agency & Consent

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Ethics: Safety, Agency and Consent
Includes Sexual Harassment Prevention

Ethics: Safety, Agency and Consent

3 CE hours in Ethics (Includes 1 hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention)

Taught by Dana Christy

How can we center safety, agency and consent for our clients and for ourselves?

What does it mean to create a practice where the boundaries of both the client and the practitioner not only coexist in harmony, but actually support and sustain the therapeutic relationship

What tools can we use to create the safest possible space for our clients?

In this class, we explore the essential pillars of safety, agency, and consent, and how we can bring these concepts to life in all aspects of our practice.

Course Fees: $75.00 (3 CEs)
Includes 1 Hour Sexual Harassment Prevention

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How To Register:

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