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Finding Comfort on the Floor

Finding Comfort on the Floor

Taught by Kyle McQuaid
6 CEs, $150

For the best experience of bodywork, the giver should have a relaxed posture, open joints, and an aligned spine.  

Maintaining these ideals while working on the floor poses several challenges: not only do the practitioner’s restrictions of mobility create pain that ceases relaxation, but also compensatory movements compromise the alignment of the spine. Additionally, crawling requires coordinated effort of both arms and legs, something not usually practiced since we learned to walk.

In this class we will find the full benefits of floor-based movement, exploring that ideal in which floor-based movements strengthen and align our body as the practitioner.  

Learn to:

  • open the joints with relaxed effort
  • increase flexibility and comfort at end range of motion with stretch-mediated hypertrophy 
  • increase endurance and awareness of spinal alignment with isometric exercises
  • increase efficiency and coordination of movement while crawling on the ground by activating contralateral muscle chains through quadrupedal movement.  
  • Apply these principles while practicing bodywork on the floor.

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