Myofascial Release Course in Chicago

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

Myofascial Release Part 2

Taught by Bobbe Berman

8CEs, $200

I believe the body is a snapshot of the combined experiences and everything that has happened to us along our journey.  As such each experience leaves indelible imprints on our nervous system.

In Myofascial Release Part 2, help restore the body’s resilience by focusing on how we touch and the importance of paying attention, slowing down, being patient as we follow the body’s lead.  This allows a natural unwinding of the soft tissues while working with the client not on them. Furthermore, we will review and perfect the superficial and deep myofascial techniques as well as have fun exploring ways to perform a complete and integrated treatment without utilizing lubrication to create lasting change in the body’s tissues.

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