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Qigong Fundamentals

Qigong Fundamentals

Taught by Sue Vanags
6 CE hours, $150 each course, 18 CEs $450 for all three.

Qigong is a time-honored healing practice that originated in China thousands of years ago. It has been evolving over time, and has been embraced by wellness-minded people throughout history and across the Asian cultures and has been gaining momentum into mainstream health practice and exercises in America. Qigong is one of the five branches of Chinese Medicine: Medical Massage (TuiNa), Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutrition/Lifestyle and Qigong. 

It incorporates gentle physical movements with breathing and awareness and is known as moving meditation. It is a very holistic practice for people of all ages, and especially ideal for busy people who want to combine meditation, physical movements, and mindful breathing into a neat relaxing yet energizing practice, reaping the healing quality of being more mentally relaxed, emotionally balanced, spiritually more connected and physically stronger. 

It is a practice of effortless power, restoration, relaxation, vitality and strength. It reduces stress, boosts immunity, harmonizes body mind, and foster a deeper connection with oneself. By the end of the day, it is a cultivation and longevity practice. Qigong practice is like alchemy, releasing what does not belong to us, and become the person we are inside living a rich fulfilling life.

In these 3-day qigong beginner series, you will have a progressive understanding of Qi and Qigong both conceptually and experientially. You will learn and practice in class settings basic qigong movements, various Qigong routines, including qigong practices of Five Elements/Five Phases, Three Treasures and Micro Cosmic Orbit. You will be able to take home some qigong movements to create your own daily practice routine. 

These three classes may be taken in any order.

Qigong Basics and Five Elements Qigong
Qigong fundamentals will be explored, explained and discussed. We will go over questions and concepts such as What is Qigong? Why Qigong? Who practices Qigong? The Three Pillars of Qigong and the ideal composition of a daily routine practice.

You will learn and practice a variety of routines. Introduction to Qigong, Qigong For Better Breathing, and two routines of five elements qigong. One classic and the other infused with five element sound and colors. There will also be a Five Elements meditation intertwined in the day.

Three Treasures Qigong
Review of basic Qigong concepts. The class will then learn and practice Qigong Flow For Beginners to get into qigong meditative space. After a short Inner Smile Meditation, the class will then dive into Classic Chinese Medicine concept of the Three Treasures as well as Three Treasures Qigong to balance and harmonize within oneself and the way we relate to one another, with nature and our living environment – body mind heart, Jing Qi Shen/ Essence Energy Spirit, Earth Nature Sky. The day will end with a Three Treasures Meditation to further expand and relax.

Microcosmic Orbit Qigong
Micro Cosmic Orbit has been a kept secret in Mainland China exclusively within the monastery community and a special elite class for ages. Yin and Yang nature of life is waved into the concept and practice of Micro Cosmic Orbit, the water wheel of flow, from lower body to upper body then circle back down. The practice will facilitate the opening of sacral and cranial points, along with other key energy points along the path/orbit. It is very powerful in opening the flow between head mental energy and low primal basic vital energy, helping a practitioner in harvesting the power of primal energy for mental focus and clarity.

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