Going Deeper: The Potent Questions Continuing Education For Massage

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The Potent Questions


Going Deeper: The Potent Questions

Taught by Polly Liontis

Communication Skills – Refining the Interview

The art of questioning diagnosis is at the heart of this class. Practice your skills and hone your questions for the client, whether for your Initial Shiatsu Appointment Intake, or subsequent sessions verbal intake. Following through on a particular line of questioning can yield fruitful information to connect more deeply with your client, aid in your understanding of your client, and to guide you in creating your optimal treatment plan for and with the client.

The Potent Questions: What We Cover and How To Register

We will be taking a deep dive into the questions you may find uncomfortable asking, especially in the first meeting with a client, and we will practice interviewing each other in the group setting, for immediate coaching and clarification.

We will also practice the art of listening, to uncover the delicate transmissions in the tone of voice, and the art of seeing and interpreting the body language of the client during the interview.

It’s never to late to sharpen your verbal communication skills with your clients!

How To Register:

  • Course registrations must be received by 5pm the day before the start of class.
  • If you are not ready to pay, you can still add your name to the interest list. Your space will not be permanently held until payment is made.
  • To pay by phone, call 847-864-1130
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