Shoulder Complex Massage Therapy Course In Chicago

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

Understand & Treat the Shoulder Complex 3-Dimensionally

Taught by Bobbe Bermann

When a client asks you to go deeper during a massage therapy treatment, what are they really asking for?

Do you know if the client is really asking for more pressure? I believe in most cases the client is not asking for more pressure but instead they are asking the therapist to provide more specificity to the muscle tissue being addressed!

In this workshop, we will get more specific by reviewing the anatomy as well as the palpation of the 20 muscles that either have their origin or insertion on the scapula. Each muscle will be located by utilizing a combination of bony landmarks, other muscles, being at the appropriate depth, fiber direction and muscle actions.

Application of techniques specific to these muscles will be addressed when applicable.

We will discuss and consider different ways to intentionally treat the body 3-dimensionally for more lasting change. How much to include in each session or not will depend on what the client goals are, their health history, the quality of their tissues and other factors. Learn to work with ease while being specific and effective.

Course Fee: $350 (14 CE Hours) 

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