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Zen Shiatsu Mastery Training: Developing the Soul of a Healer

Grandmother WinterJade


Taught by Grandmother WinterJade Forest

FIRST SCHEDULE:  March 25 – July 1 (Skip May 27 and June 3), Mondays 10am-6pm

SECOND SCHEDULE: July 19 – October 18 (Skip August 30), Fridays 10am-6pm

90 Hours – $2,700.00

While studying and practicing shiatsu, many of us become aware of a deeper sense of connectedness — to one another, to our own self and purpose, and even beyond . . . to Spirit. The connection to that Source is what makes healing so engaging and enchanting. It bears refining, deepening and upgrading on a regular basis.

To that end, I want to invite you to a one-time-only, one-of-a-kind master course and professional training. It is designed to extend your acquired knowledge and shiatsu skills beyond the standard understanding. We will delve deeply into the revolutionary concepts of Dr. Shizuto Masunaga that set Zen Shiatsu apart from classical Asian medicine. We will infuse the shamanic practices that I have learned from extraordinary healers of four indigenous cultures. These practices develop the extrasensory perception you want (and need) for heightening your connection to “the beyond.”

In this 90-hour training, we will bring ancient Asian and indigenous healing arts into modern times. We will interpret centuries-old knowledge and wisdom with the understanding of quantum principles. We will look past the the limits of space and time to the non-dimensional field of infinite possibility. Dr. Shizuto Masunaga’s insights and innovations unveil and light up the sensitivity of the hand.  The underlying belief is that there will never be any machine or device created that can surpass the astounding sensitivity of the hand.

Shiatsu specialists have a unique requirement as bodyworkers: they have to influence energy and tissue. This involves a refined skillset and advanced understanding of the energy that gives life to the body. Throughout the classes in this master course, you will learn essential elements for magnifying that skill set. You will develop a sensitivity in your hands (!) that touches the fundamental essence of health and healing.

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Developing the Soul of a Healer: What We Cover

The initial portion of this training fleshes out and clarifies Dr. Masunaga’s pioneering work. You will learn his vital foundational concepts and predominant qualities of each meridian. This includes:

  • Dr. Masunaga’s original definition of its antipathogenic identity
  • Associated physical and psychological imbalances
  • The quiddity* of the Kyo/Jitsu diagnosis
  • Re-establishing the correct pathway for meridians that have veered off course
  • The Four Phases of Treatment
  • Keys to implementation of technique
  • Introducing a new pattern of free movement
  • Manipulating, or altering, the function of your hands to affect both the physical and metaphysical anatomy
* the basic nature of quality of something, that makes it different from other things.
Pictured in Photo: Akinobu Shinmei Kishi

The technique portion complies with the natural laws that govern the realm of our 3-dimensional world. They come from experts of various healing disciplines that deal with the physical body. I understudied with Japanese bone-setters, American chiropractors and European osteopaths.  Knowing how the body moves in and out of alignment is essential for respecting natural human movement.  Facilitating natural movement is a foundational key to Zen Shiatsu technique. [Learning chiropractic and osteopathic manipulations is not part of the course.]

But the biggest influence on my work has come from individuals who remained true to the natural laws of non-dimensionality. They do the personal work required to develop and embody this truth within themselves…and never stop.  They are: Akinobu Shinmei Kishi (Japanese Shinto priest); Grandmother River Reasoner (Cherokee priest); Master Gregory Antyuhin (Russian psychic healer); and el (quantum soul retrieval). These people gave me practices for connecting with both the energy of nature from our earthly plane, and the energy of guides and helpers from our heavenly plane. They taught me how to use this connection to engage and catalyze the energy of healing — for myself, and for my friends, family and clients. And they endorsed my teaching them to others. 

The techniques presented in this course represent a synthesis of training I began in 1975. I learned from four ancient cultures on three continents over a period of 30 years. I have been practicing these teachings, contemplating them, and making them my own for the past 48 years! Until now, I have been teaching them as separate classes that concentrate mostly on technique. But my Guidance tells me it’s time to express the true body of the work and bring it out in its fullness. It’s time for me to teach it from the perspective of developing the healer within.


  1. THE GOAL is to connect with your spiritual parents: Mother Earth and Father Sky 
  2. THE HOPE is that, knowing you are the child of these great beings, you will perceive your own greatness and believe in it. This has nothing to do with false ego. Rather, it is a knowledge that makes you humble enough to try to do great things for others.
  3. THE GOAL is to enhance your “personal power.” Personal power is a Native American term that means developing your special individual gifts for the benefit of all.
  4. THE GOAL is to enable you to deepen your intuition and awareness and to heighten your perception of each individual’s unique vibration.
  5. THE GOAL is to show you how to vary your own vibration appropriately for the healing you are conducting.
  6. THE HOPE is that you will understand the nature of “mindset” and learn to change the pattern of ki to affect the physical and metaphysical aspects of energy and anatomy.
  7. THE GOAL is to build a bridge that carries you to an expanded experience of yourself with amplified awareness.
  8. THE GOAL is for you to integrate new layers of consciousness into your personal and professional life.
  9. THE HOPE is that any benefits you gain become anchored in your DNA and in the structure of your functioning reality, and that they contribute on all levels to the health of yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

And, of course, I hope you will join me. These magnificent gifts and teachings have been given to me with a mandate to hand them down. I so want to share them with those of you who long to bring out your own inner healer. This course is for you if you have been waiting or yearning to:

  • Go within and develop your self-mastery – your gift from Creator
  • Raise your intent to the highest levels of knowing
  • Integrate your intent with your imagination, intuition and heart-driven emotion
  • Upgrade your thoughts and perceptions
  • Embrace self-empowerment and self-healing
  • Become intimately familiar with the spirit of healing
  • Believe in the miracle of Life that is based on the Divine Blueprint within us
  • Believe in your greatness and trust your intuition
  • Dare to command that a healing be done
In the words of Amagatzu, the founder of the innovative Japanese dance-drama called Butoh: The Soul is the important thing.  Form will follow.


The first five weeks will illuminate the teachings of Dr. Shizuto Masunaga in a linear sequence of learning. Much emphasis has been given to his Hara diagnostic areas and extended meridian system.  Recognizing that, we will take a little time to:

  • Review the elemental Pais according to the Midnight/Midday meridian clock
  • Refine locations and angles of palpation for meridians and diagnostic areas

However, his conceptual work is even more relevant to a Zen Shiatsu treatment, so the core of these first five weeks will accentuate:

  • Dr. Masunaga’s explanation of the Life Cycle of the Meridians
  • His radical concentration on antipathogenic ki
  • Knowing and understanding balanced and unbalanced expressions or ki
  • Interpreting symptoms
  • Developing kinesthetic awareness

Pictured in Photo: Dr. Shizuto Masunaga


The remainder of the course is better suited to a spiral progression that repeats concepts over and over again, . This is how our brain adds layers of depth and subtlety.  The spiral pattern allows you to more profoundly internalize the meaning and feeling of healing into your heart, mind and soul . . . all your sensitivities.

The subject for each week may, or may not, appear in the order listed below. But don’t think that means that there is no plan (I have been meditating on this for a very long time)! It just means that when and how the prepared material is presented may spontaneously change according to my guidance, regardless of my scrupulous and conscientious planning. Specific topics will explore qualities and skills that explain and/or invoke healing, such as:

  • Expanding your mindset
  • Integrating meridians with chakras
  • Natural laws of non-dimensional healing
  • Tapping into the field of infinite possibility
  • Increasing your extrasensory perception
  • Creating more space in yourself and in your client
  • Mending and balancing your physical and etheric bodies
  • Altering the frequency and velocity of your vibration
  • Connecting with non-physical entities and helpers

Each class will incorporate a diverse form of meditation to up level your extrasensory awareness. Potential explorations and contemplations include: movement; sitting; guided visualization; journeying; sound; healing circles; etc.

Hold your place with a $300 deposit.
The balance can be paid as 7 payments of $342.85 January – July 2024 ($0 interest)
or 20 payments of $128.58 January 2024 – August 2025 (8% APR)

Zen Shiatsu Mastery Training: How To Register

How To Register:

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  • If you are not ready to pay, you can still add your name to the interest list. Your space will not be permanently held until payment is made.
  • To pay by phone, call 847-864-1130
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