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COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Zen Shiatsu Chicago

COVID-19 Protocols

Masks are optional at this time.  Students are asked to be particularly conscientious not to attend class while symptomatic.  Symptomatic students may not be in class at any time.

Thus, in certain situations, it will be required for students to self-isolate from class.  In the case of Continuing Education courses, we will work with students to offer effective transfer options at no cost.  In the case of courses in the Shiatsu Massage Therapy Diploma Program, some options for emergency Zoom attendance are available.

Students who become symptomatic

Symptomatic (typical cold/flu-like symptoms or loss of taste/smell) students may not be in class at any time. A student may return to class once they are asymptomatic.
A negative covid test is not required to return to class.

Students who test positive for COVID-19

A student who receives a positive result of a COVID-19 test must refrain from attending class until 5 days after either:
1)Date of symptom onset or
2)Date of test
Whichever is earlier.
In addition, students must be asymptomatic to return to class.

Attendance from home via Zoom
Some classes in the Shiatsu Massage Therapy Diploma Program will be set up to allow for hybrid attendance via Zoom. A camera will be in the classroom so that the student can follow lecture and see the technique recordings.  Continuing Education courses should not be assumed to have a Zoom attendance option unless the class is specifically being offered via Zoom.

Emergency Zoom attendance (in the Shiatsu Massage Therapy Diploma Program) may be done only in the case of illness, and is limited as follows:

  • Shiatsu technique & Musculoskeletal Anatomy course attendance may include 2 of 10 classes attended by Zoom.
  • Student Clinic may include 3 of 12 classes attended by Zoom.
  • Chinese Medicine modules may include 1 of 4 classes attended by Zoom.
  • Longer disruptions of a hands-on class may require that the student transfer to a future offering of the class.
  • This option can only be used in the case of illness.  Zoom attendance for other reasons is possible, but counts as an absence.

HEPA filters and Building Ventilation

HEPA filters are placed near every student workstation.  Additionally, our classroom ceilings are 14′ high, with MERV-13 filtration applied to the circulated air.  MERV-13 filtration is effective in removing SARS-CoV-2 viruses from the air.  The in-room air handling systems direct air up and away from students before filtering and returning air into the environment.

Student Agreements

All students at Zen Shiatsu Chicago sign a commitment to:
  • Avoid attending class when in any way symptomatic
  • Follow state guidance regarding mask use in public places
  • Notify us about any outreach from contact tracers about possible exposure
  • Seek testing about their COVID status when appropriate