Zen Shiatsu Chicago Faculty: Jeanne Phenany

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

Jeanne Phenany


Jeanne Phenany graduated in 2000 from the Ohashi Institute and has been in practice for 20 years. Her passion for studying and working with pregnancy and fertility grew out of her own 5-year journey to become pregnant and her desire to assist others on the same path.

For 3 years, Jeanne worked at Fertile Options in Highland Park, a program that prepares couples for conception with individually designed treatments of acupuncture, shiatsu and yoga/breathwork.

In 2006, Jeanne attended a course on Holistic Maternity Care taught by Suzanne Yates, Director of Well Mother in Bristol, UK and author of Shiatsu for Midwives. Jeanne currently is in practice at Zen Shiatsu Chicago.