Zen Shiatsu Chicago Faculty: Katarina Stanisavljevic

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

Katarina Stanisavljevic


Katarina Stanisavljevic, CP is devoted to the wellbeing and evolution of consciousness of all beings. She is blessed to have spent the past 10 years exploring various spiritual practices and healing modalities, which have ultimately led her to a deeply intimate study of Shiatsu and yoga within the last 5 years. With a profound desire to share the healing and freedom she has discovered in her own experience of living more mindfully, Katarina offers herself professionally as Certified Shiatsu Practitioner and yoga instructor in her practice, classes taught, workshops, and in volunteer service. Her fierce compassion, sharp awareness of energy, and life experience hold space in sessions and classes, offering receivers and students the guidance, as well as freedom, needed in order to find their own healing and truth from within themselves.

In addition to offering Shiatsu at her home base, Zen Shiatsu Chicago, Katarina also offers private yoga lessons, meditation guidance, intuitive meetings and teaches at various yoga studios in Chicago. To learn more about her work, visit www.LivingHeartCentered.com