Zen Shiatsu Chicago Faculty: Nathan Torrence

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

Nathan Torrence


I am so glad and honored to be on the teaching faculty at this wonderful institution. I knew it was a special place, even before I started here as a student. 

Teaching Shiatsu is a wonderful venue for me to use my inclinations as a scientist, artist, healer, and comedian. I feel very fortunate that I get to use all my gifts in one place, and that I get to share my understanding of how to give Shiatsu.

I have great appreciation for the tradition of Zen Shiatsu. As with so many practices that must be transmitted by hand and not text, Zen Shiatsu is an endangered species in our modern era. At Zen Shiatsu Chicago are very lucky to have a real connection with original teachings from Japan in a well-preserved form. These teachings are not only well-preserved, but translated in such a way that we, as westerners, have a chance at grasping their true meaning. Zen Shiatsu stands out to me as both an elegant art form and a powerful medicine. I am grateful to play a role in preserving, sharing, and nurturing this healing art.

While I enjoy my solitude and secluded practices, ultimately I thrive on human contact. Teaching is a great deal of fun for me, as well as sacred – many, if not all students come with a desire to heal themselves and develop their capacity and skill to assist others in their healing journey. This makes being a teacher of Shiatsu a great joy and responsibility for me.