Zen Shiatsu Chicago Faculty: Sue Vanags

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Sue Vanags

Sue was being drawn to the gracefulness of qigong at the first year of college back in China when she saw a professor practicing the dance-like form. She couldn’t help but start to follow her moves. The professor looked at her, came over, held her arms, slowed down her movements, then moved back to where she was, smiled and nodded at Sue and resumed her practicing. Since then, Sue practiced with the professor for the balance of her college days, and continued throughout her teaching days as a teacher of English in a law school until she came to America. She picked up Qigong practice again to heal her sleep difficulties from challenging emotional imbalances, after she had healed herself of nine yards of unhealthy symptoms, including overweight, brain fog, burned-out, extreme fatigue, and feeling lost. Over the years, Sue has studied with many qigong masters, learnt countless Qigong forms, practiced qigong daily, and taught in various places. She intends to practice and share qigong for the balance of her life, to spread this time-honored practice in healing the world, with her being the first beneficiary.