Massage School Financing: FAFSA, In-House & Transfer Credit

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

You Can Finance Your Tuition Investment


Tuition, Books & Fees
$13476 – Shiatsu Massage Therapy Diploma Program (715 Hours)
$7667 – Professional Therapists with Transfer Credit (as low as 380 Hours, price and length dependent on transcript review)

$500 Scholarship – This scholarship is available to all applicants in 2023, based on completion of an essay about your motivations for enrolling.  Choose from any of these three questions.

Transfer Credit – Professional bodywork therapists or health professionals, including, but not limited to massage therapists, naprapaths, physical therapists, acupuncturists and nurses may apply for transfer credit for courses that overlap with their previous training.  The cost of the program will be reduced proportionately.

Non-Matriculating Students –
 Students may take some course modules without application to the full program.  These courses are: Beginning Zen Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu II, Zen Shiatsu III, Chinese Medicine Fundamentals, at the following prices (inclusive of books): Beginning Zen Shiatsu $582.69, Zen Shiatsu II $637.43, Zen Shiatsu III $838.66, Chinese Medicine Fundamentals $382.50.


Massage school financing options student


FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID. Depending on financial need, aid may be available for 100% of the program costs. Pell Grants can cover up to $5040 and do not have to be repaid. Direct Loans can provide $7547 and are available to all regardless of income. Additional funds can borrowed to cover cost-of-living expenses. There are options for interest-only or deferred payments while in school.

No-Interest, In-House, Monthly Payment Plan. Any costs not covered by federal grants can be repaid with a monthly no-interest payment plan.

4-Year Financing. Any costs not covered by federal aid may be repaid by our in-house 4-year financing plan at 8% APR. 

Work-Study / Scholarships  Work-study and scholarship options are available to those who qualify and will further reduce the above monthly payment totals.  

Payment Methods  Payments are accepted via cash, check, credit card, or ACH.

Please contact our office for help considering the various financing options and determining your aid eligibility.


Zen Shiatsu Tuition is in the exact middle of the average tuition of massage & bodywork schools

  • However, it is longer by 100 hours than most programs, meaning extra value for your same investment
  • These additional hours prepare you for license requirements in more states
  • These hours also consist of the Asian Medical holistic health training
  • This additional training prepares you to help with internal health and emotional health issues.
  • Tuition also includes 10 treatments with instructors (a $950 value), a rarity in massage/bodywork education
  • Tuition includes 12 hours of personalized small group tutorials where your individual needs are addressed
  • Our graduates earn an average of $63.16/hr in their professional practices.

Combining the clinical skills of a massage therapist and an acupuncturist, our graduates are able to address

  • Muscle tension, join pain and acute injury
  • Internal conditions including digestive disturbance, insomnia, menstrual dysfunction, edema, poor circulation, low resistance to infection
  • Common emotional disturbances such as anxiety and depression 
  • Spiritual growth and evolution, connection to authentic self

Career Opportunities
Graduates from Zen Shiatsu Chicago are legally qualified to work in any setting suitable for bodywork and have the unique advantage of Asian Bodywork training in the job market.  Our alumni have found employment in spas, wellness centers, private practice, fitness centers, hospitals, acupuncture and chiropractic offices and more.  Furthermore, a career in bodywork allows for a flexible schedule which creates space for professionals to earn a living while enjoying other aspects of life.