Zen Shiatsu Chicago Student Liability Insurance

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago


Liability insurance is required for any practitioner who is going to be working on the general public, whether in a professional or student setting.  It is extremely rare that any injury or damages result from shiatsu therapy.  However, insurance is necessary not only for your own protection, but also for the protection of those you work on.  Liability insurance will cover legal expenses, and any damages, such as medical fees.

For your own protection, we require students enrolling in Student Clinic provide proof of student liability insurance.  Student insurance costs significantly less than professional insurance, and covers you for all your student work, as long as you do not charge money for your services.  This includes tips.  For this reason, we do not allow students in the student clinic to accept tips.

Student liability insurance is available through AOBTA (American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia)

Students receive 1 year of free membership with AOBTA, and can apply for student insurance for just $65.  Apply online here.

For professionals, AOBTA professional liability insurance is available at the competitive rate of $149/yr.  Contact the AOBTA office to begin the insurance application process:

319 Wilmington Pike
Suite #3, Box 260 
Glen Mills, PA 19342