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Online Self-Study Courses

The courses on this page are self-study courses.  If you are looking for live Zoom webinars, those can be found on our Continuing Education calendar here.

Live-by-Zoom classes on the link above DO count for both state license renewal AND NCBTMB CEs.  The self-study courses on this page DO count for state license renewal but NOT NCBTMB CEs.

All self-study courses below consist of recordings of a live workshop.  You will have unlimited access, and course access never expires.  You can purchase each course from our website, login to access the streaming video from any computer, and print a certificate on completion.

Choose your course below, and click the “Purchase this course” link.  You will be directed to our partner website, Thinkific.  On that page, near the top you’ll find a prominent “buy course” button.  The site will process your payment, and you will set up a username and password to access the course.

Aromapoint Intro: Foundations of Aromatic Qi

3 CEs, $49.95
Taught by Sara Vanin

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This course is an introduction to the application of aromatherapy in the context of Chinese Medicine, the sensory impact the Essential Oils spark when we come in contact with them, their resonance with our Qi, and synergistic effect for the benefit of the body, mind, and spirit.

With a simple, practical, relevant, and to-the-point approach, this class has the TCM and Aromatherapy Beginner’s Mind at heart while also serving the students with prior knowledge of Chinese Medicine and essential oils.

The lessons aim to provide the students with a working model to incorporate into their self-care routine and client support.

Completion of this class qualifies students to take any of the live Aromatherapy On Point modules.

The Clinical Use of Dreams in East Asian Medicine

3 CEs, $49.95.  Offered as one 3-hour course with a certificate issued on completion.
Taught by Bob Quinn, L.Ac.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine is replete with statements about how various dream images pertain to each of the five phases, e.g., “When the Kidneys are in excess one dreams that the spine is detached from the body…when they are weak, one dreams of being immersed in water.” However no book, certainly not an ancient one, could contain all the images that might arise in our patients’ dreams. What if a car or a yacht or a Hollywood star appears in the dream? What is needed is a methodology—in this case “projective dreamwork” as taught by Jeremy Taylor—that is easily learned and deeply respectful of the patient’s lived experience, to tease out the Chinese medicine symbols in the dreams brought to us by our patients.

This exciting work helps us start to include the 1/3 of our patients’ lives, (the 8 hours of sleep time) which most practitioners are not currently considering. Bob Quinn has studied projective dreamwork with Jeremy Taylor since 1993. He will lay out the basics of this approach in a participatory manner.

Jaw Massage Basics

8 CEs, $129.95
Taught by Olga Chwa

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This class is designed for massage therapists looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the area of jaw massage. Participants will learn anatomy and kinesiology of the jaw; common conditions that affect the jaw, and will cover a range of modalities effective for the jaw including Swedish strokes, Neuromuscular Therapy and Ayurvedic Marma point therapy.

Seiki Online - Hara & Koshi

6 CEs, $99.95.  Offered as one 6-hour course with a certificate issued on completion.
Taught by Alice Whieldon
Sei-ki, from the Shiatsu tradition, comes from the work of Kishi Akinobu, Masunaga’s top disciple and a major influence of Shiatsu worldwide. This workshop is exploration of hara-culture and Sei-ki. We will look at what hara-culture, hara-knowing and hara development are and how these relate to Sei-ki. This will include talks, discussions and practical exercises. The classes will include some Sei-ki kata (exercises) to do at a later point or with a partner during the workshop. For those without a practice partner, we will practice hara development and sensitivity together.

Self-Shiatsu for Stress Relief

6 CEs, $99.95.  Offered as one 6-hour course with certificate on completion.
You can view the video in segments, restarting where you leave off.

Taught by Steve Rogne, Director, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), CI (AOBTA)

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Relief from pain, tension and stress is right at your fingertips!  Learn self-shiatsu routines for major acupressure points that will treat common stress-related conditions and balance emotional unrest.  This online course consists of a six-hour recording of a live presentation, taught by Steve Rogne.  You will have the exact same experience as students who have attended the classroom presentation. You will receive the same photographic guide available to classroom students, to follow along with techniques and point locations.

Shiatsu for End-Of-Life Care

6 CE hours, $99.95.  The course is broken into six short lessons, with a 6-hour certificate presented on completion of Lesson 6.
Taught by Steve Rogne, Director, Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), CI (AOBTA)
Our society lacks education about the dying process. Shiatsu offers practical and profound ways of making the dying process comprehensible. In this class, you will learn the Chinese Medicine perspectives on the end of life. You will learn shiatsu techniques to help ease the transition for the dying, which you can also share with caregivers and family, providing a tangible support role for them.