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"My studies at Zen Shiatsu Chicago greatly expanded my understanding of the human body and the interrelationship between its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. It provided me a stronger foundation and varying paradigms from which to work as a successful holistic therapist. In addition, my studies at Zen Shiatsu Chicago provided me the confidence, vocabulary and knowledge to collaborate with other integrative practitioners, including Medical Doctors and Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine. Although I work in a geographical area where I am the only certified Asian Bodyworker, Zen Shiatsu Chicago prepared me to successfully demonstrate the value and validity of Asian Bodywork Therapy to my clients and to many of those who solely practice within the Western Medical Model."
Elliott Challandes
"This school has launched me into a lifelong exploration of the question of what it means to Be - in a human body, no less! In my time here, I received a framework for understanding the body as well as fundamental tools for working with it, but above all else, the school gave me a new language for learning. I came in with the vague notion that I’d learn how to manipulate people to make them feel better. What I ended up learning is how to feel better (which, as it turns out, is pretty critical in the process of helping people feel better!) I learned how to listen to people. I learned how to gain an understanding about them and the nature of life itself, directly through my own two hands. It’s often said that the best schools teach you how to think. Zen Shiatsu Chicago taught me how to feel, and with that capacity the learning never ends."
Ali Aird
What are your reflections looking back on your time at Zen Shiatsu Chicago?
"When I first chose to study Zen Shiatsu, I was told it would be a journey of self discovery as much as it would be learning bodywork. Reflecting back, this statement resonates so deeply. My time at Zen Shiatsu was a turning point in my understanding of this world, who I am in it, and how I connect with others. Cultivating this offering of touch therapy to share with those in need is a blessing. It’s truly an honor to practice Zen Shiatsu."

What would you say to someone considering enrolling in the program?
"I would say absolutely pursue it! I believe that Shiatsu finds you at the perfect time, when one is ready to align with their truth and step into their power. If you’re interested in deeply exploring nature, the body, and oneself through an ancient form of bodywork, Zen Shiatsu is the place.
Nicole Superits
"Though I started Zen Shiatsu study because of my fascination with Chinese medicine and culture and to deepen my Qigong and Tai Chi practice, once involved in the program, unexpected, transformative things began to happen. I began to change. Because of the emphasis on meditation and standing practice, I found myself becoming more fully present and expansive, better able to listen to others and to their bodies— critical qualities for a Zen Shiatsu therapist.

I became viscerally aware of the awesome power of touch and its capacity to nourish and heal. I also found myself feeling more whole and integrated, not only with the many disparate parts of myself, but also with the world around me— the spiritual and the physical more fully connected. I became filled with an abiding sense that we are all interdependent and interconnected, that the microcosm and macrocosm are simply reflections of each other.

I found a remarkably supportive, nurturing, focused, passionate, and inspired community of colleagues and teachers, committed to this meaningful practice of Zen Shiatsu and healing. The Zen Shiatsu journey is replete with creativity and an infinite depth of possibility and capacity, an empowerment for the practitioner but especially for the receiver. This is both humbling and inspiring."
Jan Yourist
"After having completed the program, I can truly see the healing power that meaningful touch can have. It is a great privilege to be able to be with people in this context as we explore what is truly meant by living a full and meaningful life. This work has been extremely healing to me in helping me realize the interconnectedness we all have and need in life to truly be ourselves and exist in a balanced healthy state."
Justin Zelinksi
"The program has quite literally changed my life in many ways, honestly a struggle to speak of in a short fashion. The instructors at Zen Shiatsu are fully equipped to support you along the learning journey, and come from a vast pool of experience to draw from. I always felt like my questions were valued and welcomed. The camaraderie and built in self-care practices in each class made everything less stressful. I have cultivated close friendships and a deep knowledge of self through this program, and you cannot really put a price on that. The information and writing materials I have accumulated will be used in my professional reference library. I walk away equipped in bettering my own physical, mental, and spiritual health- which will in turn allow me to hold space for others in my life and as a practitioner.
Rachel Bowman