Why Choose Zen Shiatsu Massage School?

Zen Shiatsu Massage School In Chicago

Focused. Personal. Flexible. Career.

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Focused Study
Our certification program allows students to concentrate on and master one area of study – Zen Shiatsu.  To truly understand a healing art, students need expert mentorship and instruction in one discipline from beginning to advanced proficiency.  You will come to fully understand how both Western Physiology and Chinese Medicine apply within your discipline.  Upon completion of the program, graduates are experts in the field of shiatsu and feel prepared for professional practice.

Chinese Medicine
At Zen Shiatsu Chicago, we offer a comprehensive Chinese Medicine curriculum that covers material equivalent to the first year of acupuncture training.  The rich tradition of this theoretical framework sets our graduates apart from traditional massage therapists and other bodywork professionals.  You will be able to assess and resolve physical patterns of imbalance stemming from internal organ dysfunction, or psychospiritual disharmony.


Personal Cultivation
Personal energy cultivation is an integral part of Zen Shiatsu training.  In order to give effective bodywork you must first understand yourself and use your own body well.  You will learn how to assess, stretch and strengthen your body through meridian exercises.  You will practice meditations based on Five Element and Twelve Meridian energetics.  You will learn how to preserve your wrists and hands through natural body movement principles.  In the end, shiatsu will become a moving meditation for you, energizing for both the giver and receiver.

Integrative Medicine

Our Certification Program emphasizes integrative medicine through courses in both eastern and western traditions.  In the Integrative Medicine approach, therapists including physicians, acupuncturists, shiatsu and massage therapists, clinical yoga therapists and others work together as a unified and equal team.  This approach goes beyond considering bodywork therapies as “complementary”, and recognizes the equal and integral role that each therapist plays in one patient’s journey of wellness.

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Legal Credentials
Zen Shiatsu Chicago prepares students to earn the credentials needed for legal professional practice.  Practitioners of Asian Bodywork in Illinois must hold a massage license, per the Illinois Massage Licensing Act.  Graduates of the 715-hour Shiatsu Massage Therapy Diploma Program are eligible to sit for the national MBLEx exam administered by FSMTB, and meet the educational requirements for massage licensing in IL.

Flexible Schedule

We understand students have obligations outside of the classroom.  For this reason, Zen Shiatsu Chicago offers a flexible schedule. All classes can be taken during evenings and weekends.  Beginning courses are offered almost every month, allowing new students to enroll any time during the year.

Social Outreach Philosophy
We believe that peace, happiness and health are universal rights.  Acting on this belief, we incorporate opportunities in our curriculum that allow students to bring shiatsu to people who are under-served or would not otherwise access the benefits of bodywork.  Students engage in shiatsu classes on-site at our partner facilities, working directly with underserved populations with expert instructor supervision and have opportunities for long-term internships.

Career Opportunities
Graduates from Zen Shiatsu Chicago are legally qualified to work in any setting suitable for bodywork and have the unique advantage of Asian Bodywork training in the job market.  Our alumni have found employment in spas, wellness centers, private practice, fitness centers, hospitals, acupuncture and chiropractic offices and more.  Furthermore, a career in bodywork allows for a flexible schedule which creates space for professionals to earn a living while enjoying other aspects of life.